Global Poverty Project Festival 2012: Get free tickets and preview the artists

Featuring Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Black Keys and more, this benefit concert in Central Park is one of the biggest shows of the season. Find out how you can score free admission by doing good.



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How to get tickets to the Global Festival 2012

1. Go to and register your email address.

2. Earn points by reading and sharing content or getting involved in anti-poverty initiatives.

3. Once you've earned three points, you're entered in a drawing to win two free tickets to the concert on Sept. 29 on Central Park's Great Lawn!

Past TONY coverage of the Global Festival artists

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Users say


^^^ I like this grumpy person who is not very fun and hates smiles. *hugs for grumpers* I wonder how much he donated to the worthy cause...? XD


Ditto. I agree. The sound checks yesterday and earlier today make it feel like this concert has been going on forever. The neighborhood Yi Yi dogs have been barking non-stop. They are apparently not fans of this "music" either. To say nothing of the park being virtually closed from 72nd to 86th Street most of a weekend day. Shame on the Conservancy and the Parks Dept.

Outraged Resident
Outraged Resident

What a terrible way to promote a worthy goal. There are hundreds of thousands of people living near Central Park. Not all of us are rock fans. This kind of insane noise may be "music" to some people, but to many others of us in the neighborhood who are being forced to listen, it represents the opposite of the peaceful and harmonious world that its sponsors claim to be trying to bring about. An event like this (calling it a "concert" is an insult to all real music) belongs in Woodstock, not Manhattan. Here is one lone voice hoping this will be the last event of this kind ever in Central Park.