Home Blitz

The berserk Jersey lo-fi act celebrates its debut LP, Out of Phrase.

Don Pedro; Fri 4
Cake Shop; June 18

Is there a more passive-aggressive musical genre than lo-fi pop? “I wrote a sparkling melody for the world to hum in unison,” the musician effectively says. “And I recorded it into a rusted RC Cola can. Love me, ignore me.” Ironically, the Web has proved a boon for such Luddite bands, whose work is well suited to the threadbare audio quality of MP3s. Among the most appealing of these acts is Princeton, New Jersey’s Home Blitz: the delightful recording project of Dan DiMaggio, who is joined by a band onstage. Home Blitz’s debut LP, Out of Phrase (Richie), presents this subgenre at its most extreme: the melodies are catchier, the trimmings more berserk. Songs take unexpected turns; potential masterstrokes are shrugged off as afterthoughts. “You won’t hear us on the radio or Top of the Pops,” DiMaggio sings on Cock Sparrer’s “Is Anybody There?,” the album’s sole cover and de facto rallying cry. “ ’Cause we’re great.”

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