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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

Even when Brooklyn singer-songwriter Imani Coppola is on her best behavior, she still dishes like a Page Six blind-item orgy. The Stoop, the first release by Coppola’s new project with programmer Adam Pallin, reunites the sassy vocalist with Mark Mangini, the producer behind her 1997 hit debut, Chupacabra. In place of that disc’s trippy vibe, Little Jackie favors vintage R&B and soul sounds—ideally suited to the obvious smack at Amy Winehouse in “Crying for the Queen.” Likewise, “Black Barbie” is a transparent jab at Paris Hilton and her ilk. And even if they turn out to be apocryphal, you can’t help but pity the hapless boys who inspired the cheerfully acidic “Liked You Better Before,” “LOL” and “Guys Like When Girls Kiss.”

Little Jackie plays the BAM Afro-Punk Festival at Fort Greene Park Sat 12.

The Stoop (S-Curve)

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