Live preview: Taylor Swift/Britney Spears

The object of a million teen crushes goes head-to-head with the perennial teenager.



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Taylor Swift/Britney Spears

Taylor Swift/Britney Spears Photographs: Taylor Swift: Ann Marie Hensley; Britney Spears: Courtesy Live Nation

Little girls have big crushes on Taylor Swift, and it's easy to see why—from the singer's perfect curls and well-chosen outfits to the pearls of grown-up wisdom that seem to fall from her lips ("Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together," she writes in the sleeve notes to her latest CD, Speak Now). Swift's fans show their devotion online with such breathless comments as, "I wish I could have a wonderful sister like Taylor Swift."

But how would the "Swifties" really react to having Taylor as their big sis, wafting around the house in a cloud of serenity and making the right choices all the time? (Even when Swift loses in love, she triumphs in song.) Surely there'd be a bit of irate foot-stomping and bad attitude.

While Britney Spears is Swift's senior in years (a mother of two at 29) and in record sales, she is the younger sister to Swift's shining example. Spears is in defiant mode pretty much all the time; her new video, "I Wanna Go," has the pop star cursing at journalists, grabbing a fan's crotch and flashing a police officer. She's awkward, too; after nearly two decades in the game, Spears still stands pigeon-toed, not quite sure what to do with her hands.

For tweenage girls, quaking understandably at the prospect of their first kiss, Taylor is obviously the winning choice, at least fantasywise. To those of us past our door-slamming teens, however, naughty Brit is by far the more appealing option. We'll take our ticket with a pair of ripped tights, please.

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