A San Francisco black-metal band chronicles the doom and gloom of city life.

Club Europa; Sun 18

Much as country blues evokes sleepy images of the rural South, black metal conjures visions of snowy mountains and forests—preurban vistas that perfectly suit the music’s pagan values. But on The Tenant, easily the young year’s finest metal album, San Francisco’s Ludicra demonstrates that there’s more than enough doom and gloom in city life to feed the genre’s morbid fixations. Spurred on by her bandmates’ grimly epic riffage, lead vocalist Laurie Sue Shanaman shrieks haunted odes to topics such as bridge-assisted suicide and the alienation of apartment life (“Your narrow rented tombs”). Locals should have no trouble relating to the latter sentiment when Ludicra makes its first-ever Brooklyn appearance this week.—Hank Shteamer

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