"New York City Rhythm" by Barry Manilow (VIDEO)

Listen to "New York City Rhythm" by Barry Manilow, No. 66 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

66. Barry Manilow, "New York City Rhythm" (1975)

Barry Manilow was pounding the streets of Williamsburg decades before it became hipster central. Anyone seeking proof of the fabled entertainer's Gotham bona fides need look no further than this minor 1975 hit, flush with nascent disco rhythms, a Latin-funk bridge with shouts of "Nueva York!" and a shopping list of urban-jungle affectations. "I live my life with strangers, and the danger's always there," he sings, "But when I hit Broadway and it's time to play, you know that I don't care." Oh yes, Barry...we know.

New York City Rhythm - Tryin' to Get the Feeling


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