"New York City (You're a Woman)" by Al Kooper (VIDEO)

Listen to "New York City (You're a Woman)" by Al Kooper, No. 85 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.



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85. Al Kooper, "New York City (You're a Woman)" (1971)

"New York City, you're a woman," Al Kooper offers in a virile purr—and then the other shoe drops: "Cold-hearted bitch ought to be your name." Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, the itinerant bandleader and all-star session man waxed his LP New York City (You're a Woman) in Los Angeles and London, then moved to Atlanta soon after. Still, a grudging love remained: "Oh, you ain't never loved nobody/Yet I'm drawn to you like a moth to flame."

New York City (You're a Woman) - Well Done


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