"On Broadway" by George Benson (VIDEO)

Watch the video for "On Broadway" by George Benson, No. 14 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.



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14. George Benson, "On Broadway" (1978)

It's hard to imagine that "On Broadway" wouldn't be a smash hit, given that the song was the work of not just one, but two legendary songwriting teams: Mann-Weil and Leiber-Stoller. The Drifters, for whom the final version of the track was written, had a Top 10 hit with it in 1963; myriad covers followed, and both David Bowie and Genesis quoted a lick. But it's hard to imagine a version that better captures the song's aspirational moxie—or its six-string braggadocio—than George Benson's smooth-sailing, chart-topping live take.

On Broadway - The George Benson Collection


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