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Paramore Photograph: Josh Rothstein

Roseland Ballroom; Wed 28

Paramore offers proof that not everyone in the pop-punk underground views the tween-rock mainstream with disdain. On Riot!, the Tennessee quartet’s recent major-label debut, flame-haired frontwoman Hayley Williams channels the wronged-chick angst of “Since U Been Gone” over her bandmates’ polished power-chord rave-ups; unlike too many of their fellow Warped Tour acts, these kids understand that the best way to describe big emotions is with big choruses.Their efforts haven’t gone unrewarded either: “Misery Business,” one of the album’s supercatchy highlights, has followed singles by Fall Out Boy and Plain White T’s onto Top 40 radio, where its assertive lady-rock vibe is doubly valuable. Expect the Mohawks-and-piercings crowd tonight, but don’t be surprised if you also see a good number of fresh-faced youngsters who got shut out of next month’s Hannah Montana shows.

Opener the Starting Line, from Philadelphia, isn’t quite as distinctive as Paramore; its new Direction is filled with sensitive-boy emo-rock jams in the style of Jimmy Eat World. But arrive early to catch the Almost, a young Florida five-piece whose frontman, Aaron Gillespie, is better known as the drummer of Underoath, one of the Christian-metal scene’s highest-profile bands. Southern Weather, the Almost’s Foo Fighters–ish debut, demonstrates that Gillespie’s Dave Grohl fixation extends to his songwriting.

—Mikael Wood

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