Ramona Falls + Mitten

Photograph: Jeni Stembridge
Ramona Falls
Saturday February 2 2013 20:30
Brent Knopf, formerly of Menomena, turns his focus to Ramona Falls, his cerebral side project, with sophomore album Prophet. “You can’t take it back,” Knopf wails repeatedly on the record’s funky opening track, “Bodies of Water.” No, he can’t, but why would we want him to? Ramona Falls’ unexpected melodies, philosophical lyrics and fearless anthems are best experienced with your winter boo by your side. Mitten opens Feb 2 at Glasslands, while the Explorers Club and Kurt Baker set the stage at Maxwell's on Feb 7.
Event phone: 718-599-1450
Event website: http://glasslands.blogspot.com