Review: Memory Tapes

A New Jersey chillwave auteur waxes organic on a sophomore CD.

Memory Tapes. Aug 11. Glasslands Gallery, $12.

Memory Tapes. Aug 11. Glasslands Gallery, $12. Photograph: Manuel Dominguez Jr.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>3/5

Less than two years after it began burning up the blogosphere, chillwave has reached a show-and-prove moment, with many of the microgenre's major acts releasing sophomore albums seemingly designed to cement previously free-floating artistic identities. Sounds like a drag, yet here New Jersey's Memory Tapes pulls it off without sacrificing the essential lightness that distinguished 2010's Seek Magic. You listen to a song like the gently throbbing "Yes I Know" or the power-poppy "Sunhits," and you hear a newfound reliance on organic instruments (or at least their organic-sounding digital analogs). What you feel, though, is sweet nostalgia for the days before Internet fame.

Memory Tapes plays the Mercury Lounge Fri 1.

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