Say Anything + Saves the Day + Reggie and the Full Effect

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Photograph: Neil Visel
Max Bemis of Say Anything
Sure, Say Anything is an emo outfit, but it's also one of the great bands of our time, regardless of subgenre. For more than a decade, frontman-songwriter Max Bemis has transformed his neurotic woes and exceedingly dirty thoughts into an ongoing alt-rock opera: brash, barbed and frequently hilarious. All those descriptors apply to the latest Say Anything set, Hebrews, but 2004's …Is a Real Boy is still Bemis's masterwork. The group performs that LP in full here, with help from fellow emo-punk torchbearers Saves the Day, revisiting their 1999 set, Through Being Cool, and Get Up Kids spin-off Reggie and the Full Effect performing 2003's Under the Tray.
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