Terese Genecco: Drunk with Love

The Metropolitan Room; Fri 13--Mon 16

Photograph: Alfredo Zelcer

“The Man I Love,” the Gershwins’ torch anthem of lonely yearning, isn’t usually considered a feel-good tune. But it’s hard to avoid feeling pretty darn great when Terese Genecco launches into her bouncy, full-hearted rendition of the song—accompanied by a cooking seven-piece band—at the top of Drunk with Love: A Tribute to Frances Faye. Genecco is carrying a torch, sure, but not for some long-delayed suitor-to-be; rather, she’s channeling the irrepressible spirit of the late Faye, a cult nightclub star known for her raucous energy, frank bisexuality and naughty way with a lyric. (In “The Man I Love,” when singing the line “I’ll do my best to make him stay,” she coyly leaves out the final word.)

The San Francisco--based Genecco made her New York debut just last year; a river of good buzz carried her to an encore set at the Met Room in May, and now to a second return. This newest version of Drunk with Love focuses on Faye’s spirited jazz arrangements of popular tunes. “I don’t look like Frances Faye and I don’t sound like her,” Genecco concedes; instead of imitating her idol, she aims to reproduce “the essence of what it would be like to be at one of her shows.” And the evening’s snappy, zippy swing does leave you feeling like part of the polyamorous daisy chain that Faye lays out in “Frances and Her Friends”: happily woven into an inner circle of frisky retro fun.—Adam Feldman