"Union Square" by Tom Waits (VIDEO)

Listen to "Union Square" by Tom Waits, No. 91 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

91. Tom Waits, "Union Square" (1985)

"Well you spill out of the Cinema 14/To that drag bar there on the block," Tom Waits howls over what might be clanking trash cans and bourbon bottles on this Rain Dogs cut. "Whizzin' on down in front of the East Coast/Bank rolled up on your sock." The truth is, Waits's vision of Union Square sounds a lot more enticing than the current vista of skater bois, tchotchke sellers and earnest NYU students with clipboards—especially set when the lyrics are backed by Keith Richards's stinging guitar and Ralph Carney's gassy sax.

Union Square - Rain Dogs


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