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After several stops and starts The Huffington Post's humor site, 23/6, finally launched at 12:01 this morning—with a month's worth of archives.

"We've been publishing in a vacuum," says editor Jason Reich, who recently left his years-long post as a Daily Show staff writer to helm the fledgling site. "So we're really excited to finally take the curtain off."

The site is unique in that it covers a lot of comedic territory. "We're not fake news like The Onion," Reich explains. "We're not a blog like Wonkette. Some of it's parody, some is commentary, some is essays." Basically, they take whatever funny idea is inspired by anything topical, and run with it.

A few things we like so far:

The Dickipedia series, which profiles major assholes in the news.

Swift Kids for Truth, a video series, in which children somberly lambaste presidential candidates, à la the John Kerry attack ads.

A straight-up spoof of Perez Hilton.

"If people want to go to our website to find out what's happening in the world, that's great," Reich says. "But really we want people to go to read the news and then their second click should be 236.com." Just make sure your third click is on one of their sponsors.

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