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netflix_roku_webTONY would like to give a big pat on the back to Kristi Schwindt Ramos, our $50 date winner. In addition to our praise, Kristi will be receiving a one-year subscription to Netflix, a Roku box so she can instantly watch her favorite flicks and a $30 gift card to Domino's.

Lots who entered were deserving, but Kristi's story really hit home! Her entry after the jump:

"I'm deserving of this prize because my husband is stuck in the '50s (even though he was born in the '60s). We only recently started receiving digital cable because we were forced to by our cable company, RCN. Yes, that's right, RCN. Who has RCN? Yesterday was the last day of our Internet service. Why? Because we were one of the very few people at NYU who were still utilizing their free dial-up service. We started receiving warnings back in October that, because so few people use dial-up, they were eliminating the service. Yes, we are being phased out of technology. I have been begging for high-speed Internet for years so you can only imagine what it's like trying to explain DVR. I have provided him with my friends' success stories with Netflix to no avail. Did I mention my husband loves Tony Bennett and only recently got a cell phone because I pleaded? I couldn't stand waiting for calls from the pay phone! That said, winning a subscription to Netflix would allow us to watch movies without going out to Blockbuster, and maybe if he could see the benefits, he would concede on my other demands.

Best wishes,
Kristi Schwindt Ramos

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