A plea to SNL's fauxbama Fred Armisen



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Photo: Courtesy of NBC
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Armisen's stilted and oddly tinted Obama impersonation—not to mention the hollow laughs he receives—makes us feel uncomfortable in our seats. Like our new President, we hope for great change. —James Y. Lee

Who we'd like to see do an Obama impersonation
Dave Chappelle
Tracy Morgan (won't be spot-on, but would be hilarious)
Will Smith
Wanda Sykes
Gilbert Gottfried

Realistic fill-ins
Mario Joyner
Gary Coleman
Tina Fey (because she can do everything)

Who we don't want to see do an Obama
Frank from Frank TV
Pauly Shore (well, we just don't want to see him in general)
Weird Al
Michael Richards

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