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Silver gerbil fox

Nerve has this story about the top 40 celeb rumors, and in the No. 1 slot is that charming ol' canard about Richard Gere and the gerbil. The write-up talks about how he's never publicly addressed the issue, which had us thinking we'd actually read him address it in the pages of our very own magazine. So we—and by we I mean me, since I'm just one person but note the way I'm using the royal we, which is kind of pretentious—anyway, all of us trundled to the Internet, and also note I/we didn't say "Internets," because as of right this second I'm tired of it, and lo, from Gia Kourlas's hotter than "Hot Seat" that ran in the July 29--August 5, 1999, issue:

Time Out New York: Your name was attached
to one of the most vicious, devastating celebrity rumors of
all time. Did it affect your career?

Richard Gere: I'm trying to think which one. [Laughs] There have been so many!

TONY: The gross gerbil one.

RG: Oh that. It's interesting; I never took that seriously at all. And I guess because I never took it seriously, it didn't mean anything.

TONY: Are people in the press still harassing you?

RG: In Europe it's the same. I don't know if it's harassing, but there's a swirl of energy around it all. In New York, I walk around in my neighborhood all the time. People are bored to tears with me.

In sum: Yay for Ms. Kourlas's intrepid questioning, yay for this chance to publicly bitch-slap Nerve [full disclosure, I totally like Nerve], and yay for my impeccable memory, and by that I mean our impeccable memory. It's truly a thing of beauty, like gerbils and blogs.

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