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cutest pet new york

You could say the costume gave him an edge, but it was the smile that won it.

...Sir Peezalot. Yes, that is his real name (according to his owner). It is not embellished for competition, and frankly, we are doggone proud (forgive us) that the champion of our first-ever Cutest Dog in NYC competition wears his incontinence on his sleeve. And that he wears sleeves! I mean, look at that singlet. That is cute. You can't deny it.

When we started this competition way back with our Animals issue, we weren't sure what to expect. But you pet-obsessed lovelies made it great. We received more than 100 entries in the dogs category, which we filtered down to 32, and more than 5,000 of you voted in the five rounds of this competition. So when Sir Peezalot receives his copy of Time Out's Eating & Drinking New York 2008 guide, he'll know he earned it.

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