And you better not bring no Hostess!



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The cupcake fever that swept through the nation some years back seems to be a chronic condition. Witness Cupcakes Take the Cake, a blogsite offering offers recipes, anecdotes and what can only be referred to as cupcake porn (not surprising considering one of the founders is Rachel Kramer Bussel).

After a while, though, just looking at the yummy desserts proves a little unsatisfying (kind of like an episode of Top Chef). Thankfully, you can have a more interactive experience this Saturday at 2pm, when the group will hold a Cupcakes Take The Cake Picnic at Central Park's Strawberry Fields. Participants should bring a half-dozen cupcakes for sharing (baked or store-bought), as well as basic picnic supplies and enough moo juice to keep your palate well-moistened.

A quick peek at the RSVP list reveals the menu will include peanut-butter cupcakes, red-velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and (gulp) mojito cupcakes. So be prepared to bring your A game.

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