Angelina heats up Brit censors



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wanted_angelina_jolieWe at The Frame-Up can confirm the rumors: Angelina Jolie is hot. Also, she makes guns look hot. The BBC reported yesterday that the British TV commercial for the DVD of Wanted has been banned. After one viewer complained—one!—that it was unsuitable for children, some killjoy British watchdog committee (the ASA) put the kibosh on the ad. It decreed that the images contained therein, coupled with a husky voiceover, made using firearms "look sexy and glamorous." The ad can't be broadcast again in its current form.

Duh. Jolie could make vacuuming look sexy and glamorous, but does that mean that British children would all start frenetically cleaning floors? Of course she makes guns look sexy; why else watch Wanted, a film in which the safety of the world is in the hands of a clan of weavers? There'd better bloody well be a girl and a gun. Universal Pictures disputed the charges. It stuck to its guns (sorry) and argued that a hot, seductive, practically naked Jolie didn't glamorize those sleek, shiny guns. It lost.

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