Artists Space: "Paper Exhibition" (let's keep it simple)



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Last Thursday, tucked snugly in the "Black Room" of Soho's Artists Space--and barely audible over the din of immaculately dressed Scandinavians and schmoozing hipsters that emanated from the galleries—Will Holder delivered a somewhat mumbled manifesto on the coconstruction of poem as object, along the way grazing themes of psycholinguistics and segueing into the occasional Dadaist gibberish poem before pausing to slink from one podium to the next, Grolsch in hand.

This was one of two performances put on as part of the opening of "Paper Exhibition," a group show designed to tease its viewers with fictional fictions and references to nonexistent narratives. Curator Raimundas Malasauskas has centered his show on the notion that withholding information will leave a public used to oversaturation yearning for more. In some cases he's definitely right, but clearly he didn't contend with a faction already content to have less be more. A Dutch minimalist architect told me, while enjoying a beer from his homeland, that he wasn't sure he understood the point of the exhibition; furthermore, he wasn't sure anyone should. Nor did he seem too perturbed about it.—David Levitz

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