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My disdain for oversimplifed and in-your-face slogans is only matched by my burning desire for the "Next Big Thing." I would never, for example, wear anything with the moronic phrase "War Is Not My Word" emblazoned on it—unless Marc Jacobs made it, of course.

So I'm ambivalent about accessories queen Anya Hindmarch's new "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" carryall, going on sale at tristate-area Whole Foods today for $15. On the one hand, a reusable bag is a good thing—especially considering Americans tear through 100 billion of the plastic kind each year. On the other hand, I just want to strangle the self-righteous snits who think waving their canvas tote in everyone's face makes up for a lifetime of conspicuous consumerism.

Fortunately, the damn things go on sale at 8am, so by the time I get my sorry ass into the city they'll be long sold out. I love it when things take care of themselves.

Hindmarch will be on hand at the Whole Foods on Bowery today. For real ways to help the environment, check out our recent Green issue.

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