Best. Week. Ever.



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I saw it coming a month ago and thought it seemed too good to be true, but it's actually happening: This week, April 2-8, 2007, just might be the single best week of programming in the 60-some-odd-year history of American TV. It started yesterday with the men's NCAA basketball championship and continues tonight with the women's championship game and the sterling season premiere of FX's The Shield (which arguably features TV's best collection of male acting talent). On Sunday 8 HBO gives us the return of Entourage and, of course, The Sopranos, my favorite series of all time (which is not the same thing as the best, though it's certainly up there). Throw in another brilliant episode of 30 Rock and the debut of MTV's insanely overhyped but nonetheless hilarious Human Giant and you've got a week that's more than worth waxing nostalgic about 25 years from now when CBS is airing Survivor: The Sea of Tranquility and a seventysomething Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are still chugging away on American Idol.

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