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Bungalow 8 boss ladyThe New York Observer is reporting that Amy Sacco, the proprietor of Bungalow 8, is seriously thinking about selling her celebrity hangout posthaste. And no one who's paid a visit to Bungalow 8's block—West 27th Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues—could blame her. Since the city essentially declared the rest of Manhattan off-limits to cabaret-licensed nightspots, and then let pretty much whoever wanted to open a venue in the neighborhood do so, the street has become an ultrapacked, stripey-shirt Mardi Gras, but about ten times less sophisticated. And it's gotten much worse since this past summer's murder of Jennifer Moore, who was partying at the block's Guest House. Never mind that she wasn't abducted on the block—that happened as she left the NYPD car pound on 38th Street. The cops have made themselves a permanent presence on the street, corralling the legions of meatheads through a barricade labyrinth, shining police lights in people's faces and screaming in their ears, and generally making the whole experience even more heinous than it already was. If this neighborhood is any sign as to the direction that NYC nightlife is going, perhaps we should all follow the example of Sacco, who's reportedly opening a new Bungalow 8—in London.

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