Catch this film today: Old Joy



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old-joy1We at Team Film are big fans of writer-director Kelly Reichardt whose masterful girl-and-her-dog parable, Wendy and Lucy, made a splash at numerous festivals last year. This afternoon at 4pm, The Museum of Modern Art is screening her prior feature, the equally terrific Old Joy. As is typical of Reichardt's work, the setup is deceptively simple: Two friends, Mark (Daniel London) and Kurt (Will Oldham), go on a camping trip in the Oregon mountains. Nothing much of consequence happens on the surface; the meat of the tale is in the unspoken tensions that arise from the men's interactions, especially during a surreal idyll in a woodland hot springs. Ambiguity is Reichardt's forte—we never feel that these characters are being hollowly defined for us. Their mystery remains intact up to and beyond the film's heartbreaking final shot.

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