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701sex300Hanna, 26


Brooklyn, student

Says Hanna: "I'm a pretty shy person, so I'm not sure how my cousin talked me into doing this. I really like: art and design, tasty food, good music and my cloud bed. I really don't like: gelatinous things and things that smell bad. My idea of the perfect day is sleeping in and not having any plans—just doing whatever I want when the mood strikes me. Maybe it's a road trip to Vermont or just sitting in Central Park. I love trees and nature, and I have a secret fantasy of becoming a farmer."

Says James Lee, assistant editor: "I feel weird explaining to you all how hot my cousin is—but, hey, we are from the South (of Korea). She bursts with fruit flavor, laughs loudly, has nice teeth and loves to dance. You should be an effin' sweetheart and like visiting museums. You should also perform well under pressure, as an entire Asian clan will be watching your every move."

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