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694x300seekdateourfriendGeoff, 38
Manhattan, educator
Seeking women

Says Geoff: "A woman should date me if she takes the world seriously and is trying to do something to make it a better place (with a grin on her face), doesn't want kids and doesn't smoke (but likes to have a drink), and likes watching movies and making brunch on the weekend. She shouldn't mind dating a guy whom people refer to as a closet nerd, who is a vegetarian and a cat owner, and thinks he doesn't resemble his photo in the least. If she likes a good argument, whitewater rafting and listening to alt country, we're really getting somewhere."

Says Gabriella Gershenson, Eat Out editor: "I've known Geoff for about a year. He comes recommended by my own significant other, which means a lot. According to him, Geoff's myriad selling points include the following: He's politically aware, stays pals (but not too good pals) with his exes, has good mojo...and all of his hair. Why I think you should give Geoff a shot? He's attentive, an excellent listener, a New Englander (but not the icky Puritanical kind) and has an endearing enthusiasm for graphic novels and other dorky sci-fi pursuits. Plus, he's one of the few people I know who can rock a blazer with tennis shoes."

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