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698sex300daRachel, 25

Manhattan, sports public relations

Seeking men

Says Rachel: "I like jewelry and heels yet also have a strong affinity for sports and beer. I smell nice, can drive a stick shift and, one time, had 37 cents in my bank account. My parents are lovely people, and I only cry when I get a bad haircut. You might also be interested to know that I'm an excellent cake decorator and can freestyle rap with the best of them—which more than makes up for my subpar singing ability that I willingly showcase in karaoke bars throughout this fine city."

Says Jamie Mandel, marketing coordinator: "If you were tight with Gramps, you'll love Miss 'I'll drink beer, but I love Johnnie Walker.' Rach yells an impressive percentage of correct answers at the TV during Cash Cab, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! and gets dirty playing...well, any sport she's asked to join. She's a tall one, prone to tumbles (so she'll need a strong guy by her side), but even falling, she looks good in her almost-exclusively Banana Republic attire. And did I mention she works in sports? Score."

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