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697dateourfriend1Ross, 26

Brooklyn, Web developer


Says Ross: "I own two jumpsuits and a banjo. My father is a dentist. I have a degree in economics and am working on bailing out the cigarette and spirits sectors of the economy. My quiz bowl experience makes me indispensable at trivia night. Also, I play the bass. My favorite film is The Long Goodbye, and I can't wait to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. I am an exceptionally cautious driver and recently became old enough to rent cars. I am unemployed and pass the time re-creating my childhood enthusiasm for Bruce Springsteen."

Says Ally Millar, online business coordinator: "Ross loves the Hold Steady, Woody Allen, Bob Dylan and the Coens, and he's reading a different book every time I see him. He's smart, and more important, he's superhilarious and up for doing anything—sporting events, random trips to Coney Island, a spirited discussion of the merits of cupcakes, etc. He's originally from Minnesota, so he's got that sweet Midwestern charm on top of everything else. The only reason I'm not interested is because I'm dating his best friend—any lady who got the opportunity to go out with him would be lucky!"

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