Digging for Dirt: He was a man who loved watching people kick things



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We all mourned the passing of Wu-Tang prodigal Ol' Dirty Bastard a few years ago (with much wailing and upturned 40s). Like many music icons, he died before his time, and left us with many unanswered questions. Author Jaime Lowe has tried to answer some of those in her recent biography, Digging for Dirt, which she reads from tonight at the Court Street Barnes & Noble. In honor of the dearly departed, we're listing our five favorite martial arts films of all time.

(1) 36 Chambers of Shaolin: It's one man's quest to harness the powers of the Shaolin Temple and bring their unbeatable fighting style to the masses. It also explains how the deadly tri-nunchucks were invented.

See the other four fighting flicks after the break!

(2) Master of the Flying Guillotine: It's not polite to wear a hat indoors, nor to make fun of the infirm. And check out those eyebrows!

(3) Lone Wolf and Cub: Lest we give all of our love to Chinese wire fu, this adaptation of the popular manga series explores the nuances of samurai fatherhood.

(4) Kung Fu Hustle: Stephen Chow is one of the funniest guys ever. And he has some sweet moves, too.

(5) Shaolin Drunken Monk: Bahahahaha.

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