Eat Out Awards semi-live: the aftermath



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danny-meyer.jpgAs you know, awards ceremonies never just end. There is always the after-party with the industry hobnobbing and soon-to-be-front-page gossip. So here's a mini-item for you obsessive foodies out there. Where would Danny Meyer, New York restaurant royalty and a name even I know, celebrate his Eat Out Readers' Choice win in Best BBQ (for Blue Smoke)? Perhaps at his own nearby bar at the Modern? Would he rendezvous with Thomas Keller at Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center? Would he slum it at the W?

None of the above. Danny Meyer capped his night (or maybe not—it's not like I stalked him) at a completely random and unremarkable Irish pub named McCoy's on Ninth Avenue. I only know this because McCoy's is where the TONY after-party took place. Which was really more of an after-meandering, and pretty weak, but that's beside the point.

The only reason I even knew that Danny Meyer was standing behind me (and kind of leaning into my personal space, come to think of it) is that I was hanging out with writer friends of TONY who are in the know. These people in the know—females, it should be said—then launched into a conversation about how all guys working for Danny Meyer kind of look the same: tall and brown haired and proper. It was implied that these Meyer drones are generally attractive and speculations were made as to their datability. And that's right about where I lost interest in the exchange.

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