Fashion Week: Don the Verb



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In a cramped Chinatown gallery space with high ceilings and industrial street music blasting, models wearing Don the Verb’s new spring collection sauntered down the 20-foot runway. Maximum capacity was reached early—with everyone smooshed together as if it were rush hour on the 4/5. Most spectators were well-appointed, but one stylish bald man stood out by wearing poindexter glasses, a large black bow tie and shorts. The dresses shown were a recycling of recent trends: safe, neutral fabrics draped like togas, upstaged by funky, clunky, multicolored high-heeled pumps. These sassy power shoes brought an attitude to the collection that was lost in the muted, predictable dresses. The ensembles were topped by the occasional flat hat tilted to one side, with drawn-out faces reminiscent of Elsa Schiaparelli. Instead of bringing a surreal twist to the look, these flimsy face hats seemed bizarrely out of place with the tranquil dresses and wild heels. As the collection progressed, the baggy dresses gave way to more fitted, draped pants and shoes. The clothing became much more bold, with a pair of hot red pants and clunky black heels spicing up the collection. This transition, however, seemed a bit under the weather—are these spring clothes?

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