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Brazilian fashion designer Valdemar Iodice (“yadesy”) is not only talented—he’s a complete sweetheart. I know this because he patiently tried to describe his collection to me in English, despite the fact that he speaks Portuguese, for a full five minutes. Forced to sum up his show in a few English words, Iodice said: “metropolitan travel,” “contemporary woman” and “mysterious city of Atlantis.” While the first two phrases made immediate sense to me, it took a translator and much elaboration for me to grasp how Atlantis influenced his collection.

He explained that as he “searched the Internet, he found something on the lost city of Atlantis” and was immediately inspired by “the ocean blue and the image of an aquatic woman rising from the water.” So poetic!

While backstage I also chatted with hair stylist Allen Ruiz and makeup artist Philippe Chansel. Ruiz was putting the finishing touches on the first model’s hair (pictured), showing the other stylists what he was looking for. The slicked sides and loose, low-slung ponytail make it resemble the hair of a woman emerging from the water, while the makeup is subtle and shimmery.

Before I left, Iodice stressed, “All of my collections are for the same metropolitan woman who travels. I like to mix different textures, but it’s all 100 percent silk. That is most important—100 percent silk.” I guess all designers speak the international language of luxury, but few speak it so sweetly.

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