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<p>Find cheap drinks, gratis condoms, tidy toilets, subway updates and more. </p>

Find cheap drinks, gratis condoms, tidy toilets, subway updates and more. 

Illustration: Nick Bertozzi

NYC Condom Finder
The deal: If you've ever raided the free-condoms jar at your local bar before stumbling home, you know the pain of having to actually pay for prophylactics when that stash runs out. (Not that we know from experience or anything.) Enter this app, released in February, which points out nearby cafs, health clinics, tattoo parlors and other spots that hand out gratis condoms and lubricant. Pick a locale on the handy map and it'll even tell you how to get there by subway.
Good for: Nabbing a few rubbers during the day. (A lot of these establishments close at night, so you're best buying a pack at a bodega after-hours.) Available for iOS and Android.

SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder
The deal: Remember that Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm in which we learned that George made millions off a public-restroom-locating app...only to lose it all to Bernie Madoff? Meet the real iToilet, a map that locates public restrooms that are open—and suggests whether they're suitable for sitting or squatting based on user ratings. There are also reviews (and sometimes pics) of each restroom, if you need that much info.
Good for: When you don't know the area and it's quite late. Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Lustr Fashion Finder
The deal: This app rounds up stores, sales and shopping promotions happening near your current location. You can search by the sort of person you're shopping for, the event necessitating the gift (marriage, baby shower, etc.) or—our personal favorite—a particular style (vintage, conservative, preppy).
Good for: Fashionistas, obviously, but also those needing last-minute gifts for big occasions. Available for iOS.

New York City Cocktail Compass
The deal: It's 3am, you're craving another drink, and you need to know a spot that's open right now. The L Magazine's drinks app is pretty bare-bones (and very Billyburgcentric—it highlights more than 70 watering holes in that 'hood alone) but does nicely count down the minutes you have left to take advantage of drinkeries' happy or opening hours.
Good for: Cheap afternoon drinks in Williamsburg—or late-night tipples when you should know better. Available for iOS.

NYSubView Pro
The deal: There aren't a lot of bells and whistles with this public-transit app (which provides subway and borough bus maps, stop lists and other basic MTA info), but its simple setup is what makes it so handy and essential.
Good for: When you need to check a route on the train and can't connect to Wi-Fi—or when your brain freezes about where on Canal the R train stops. Available for iOS.

Roadify NYC
The deal: For up-to-the-minute updates on subway line constructions, delays and other transit info—even super-specific notifications, like when a parking spot will open up in Park Slope—check out this app, which counts on users to chime in with their current whereabouts.
Good for: Venting your frustrations on how damn crowded the bus is, or double-checking that the A train is in service after you leave the bar. Available for iOS.

Time Out New York
The deal: Shameless-plug alert: A lot of apps can round up places around you, but wouldn't you rather know these spots are TONY-approved? Our app locates the best eats and drinks, and the coolest concerts, cultural happenings and free events that are right near you. Search by 'hood and price—and definitely check out our critics' picks and write-ups, so you know just which drink you should order at that new cocktail hub.
Good for: Locating the best things to do at the moment. Available for iOS and Android.

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Great article! I just stumbled upon an app called TriplAgent in New York. I would say it kicks all these apps and the best looking one I've seen too. You get tips of things to do from locals in NY, rather than guides. Pretty sweet. check it out www.triplagent.com

Pizza lover
Pizza lover

What about Cheazza? Stands for Cheap Pizza in NYC. A free app that shows you where to grab dollar slices of pizza, pretty awesome for the weekends and late nights.


These are good, but Talent Fare is GREAT. It uses geolocation and crowd-sourced ratings to act as "radar for beautiful people" and it's a really fun and easy way to find the closest watering hole with a "view." Superficial? Yeah, probably. But what single New Yorker doesn't want to find a bar teeming with attractive members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that's what they prefer), whether they'll admit it or not? Apple Store: http://bit.ly/dUl4tF Android Store: http://bit.ly/g4FAZ6


Wow. Someone has an ios. How about some more Droid apps?!?


Wow. Someone has an ios. How about some more Droid apps?!?