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FEAST ("Fund Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics") served up a rousing root-veggie stew by candlelight this past Saturday evening. The group's first event proved to be a decided success, luring in around 100 ravenous Williamsburgers, who came for the homemade pies, but stayed to cast their ballots for the best artist's proposal among the score submitted. The winner, Dan Funderburgh, was announced over dessert. The artist received $756 (the entire door take) to slather neighborhood mailboxes and Dumpsters in his homemade wallpapers. Events are planned for every four to six weeks, so come out to support your local creative community or just cash in on the generosity of kind Brooklyn do-goodniks.
Next event:
Feast No. 2, April 4
Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 6-9pm, $10--$20 (no one turned away)

--Brian Zegeer

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