Five things I learned at Michael Ian Black's New York Comedy Festival show



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Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black

1. New York City is the best city, but the people who live here lack imagination, meaning they cannot imagine living anywhere else. Of course as a native New Yorker and someone who lacks a driver's license, I already knew this.

2. Although Black currently lives in the suburbs and loves his life of luxury in a two story home, he is really only talking shit about the cramped NYC city life to persuade people to move out, so that prices will drop and he can move back in. Although I do not live in the suburbs, I too share this feeling. I say, make people think the city is dangerous again by showing movies like Adventures in Babysitting (tell people the "scary" city portrayed in the movie is NYC and not Chicago of course), so that they will leave or not come here at all, and then rents will drop and I can continue to live comfortably in the place where I was born and raised.

3. Black chose Amsterdam as his honeymoon destination before he had smoked pot for the first time, at the ripe age of 27. Apparently, he really wanted to go to the Anne Frank House.

4. If you get high for the first time in Amsterdam, you may turn into a panda.

5. Black is more than just McKinley from Wet Hot American Summer and an amazing comedian; he is also a fantastic rater of snacks. And he has a podcast to prove it.

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