Four days of Eastwood: day one (The Eiger Sanction)



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Every Which Way But Loose: Conspicuously absent
Every Which Way But Loose: Conspicuously absent

If, like us, your Eastwood experience begins and ends with the Sergio Leone spaghetti flicks and ends with Space Cowboys, then you may be interested in the forthcoming, four-disc DVD set titled Clint Eastwood: The American Icon Collection. Despite the lack of Mexican standoffs, Eli Wallach and charming chimp companions, this quartet of films—Play Misty for Me, The Eiger Sanction, Coogan's Bluff and The Beguiled—offers an interesting glimpse into the method of one of Hollywood's most ornery leading men, who also happens to be one of its craggiest directors. First up for me? The Eiger Sanction, of which TONY Film editor Dave Fear says, "My dad forced me to watch this mountain-climbing action thriller every single time it came on, claiming that it would teach me important, important things. By which he meant the proper way to dispatch a goon via a 'Colombian necktie.' Look it up, it's vicious."

Clint Eastwood: The American Icon Collection is released Feb 10. More thoughts on this gem after the break.Eastwood plays retired assassin and art enthusiast Dr. Jonathan Hemlock. He's once again recruited to start capping fools by the reformed Nazi and weird albino criminal mastermind called simply "The Dragon." It's all pretty preposterous, and fairly reeks of '70s spy kitsch, but the climbing scenes are pretty intense. Eastwood, apparently, did all his own mountaineering stunts for this one. You can get kind of dizzy watching them dance around on high precipices, but you'll be okay if you remember this bit of folksy wisdom from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: "You see, in this world there are two kinds of people, my friend. Those that have guns, and those that dig. You dig."

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