Free tix to Maher vs. Coulter "death match"



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701otcx220mahercoulterAll the greats have fought in New York; it's like a rite of passage for any bruiser. Come this Monday, the heavyweight (yes, Coulter, that fat joke is directed at you) battle of the century will ensue between Bill "you and whose God?" Maher and Ann "limp-dick liberals" Coulter.

Want to get into this or another of the three other Speaker Series at Radio City for free? Sure you do. Just e-mail and tell us which one you want to see most and why you deserve to win.

While you may have read their soundbites in the mag, to fully appreciate their profound ability to raise the level of political discourse in this great nation of ours beyond petty partisan squabbling, check out our full interviews with Ann "some of my best friends are black people" Coulter and Bill "it is a death match" Maher. Bread and circuses people, bread and circuses.

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