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So while everyone else's top queer Oscar incident may have been one of myriad sapphic moments—when Ellen credited Jews, blacks and gays for sustaining Hollywood, when Melissa thanked her wife, when Cate Blanchett spoke—mine was when my very own Grandma Ruth, whom I was in NJ visiting for her 93rd birthday, broke her usual dementia-heavy silence when Ellen came into view on my parents' obscenely huge wide-screen TV.

"Hey! Beth!" she calls out. "Did you ever hear about how Ellen says she's a lesbian??"

"What?" I laughed uncomfortably. Had my grandmother truly just said the l-word?

"Yeah! Ellen says she's a lesbian!"

Even my dad cracked a smile.

"She's the most famous lesbian in the world, Grandma," I told her. Silence. So it's official now: Everyone knows.

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