Go-go girls and cheerleaders



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So I hit Cattyshack's Shack 249 party last night, my first visit of the New Year to the lezzie Park Slope hot spot, and, after fishing out my ID for Meow Mix--holdover, take-no-nonsense doorwoman Nancy, wedged myself inside to find it packed to the rafters with little Brooklyn cuties! The best thing about the night, though, was that sassy, not-an-ounce-of-fat-on-her-body go-go dancer Cinnamon, who shook her shit in a fishnet body stocking with as much fire as she did way back in... okay, I won't date myself, but let's just say she was the first girl-for-girls dancer I had ever seen, shortly after I came out, back when Lovergirl was run by that Caroline character and held in some crumbly old club on Manhattan's West Side, and I was totally and utterly mesmerized. Anyway, she is just as hot now as she was then, and when I tipped her and said hello she cracked me like a walnut between her legs! "You know that's the response you wanted!" yelled a jealous butch behind me. Loved it. (Catch Cinnamon's story, along with those of two other go-go circuit faves, Maine and Sarah, on Here TV's excellent Lesbian Sex and Sexuality series, from former In the Life producer Katherine Linton.) Then I limped back into the sweaty crowd and cheered her on with the masses.

You know, that reminds me, the silly homophobic suburban cheerleaders who just can't deal with cheering for girl basketball players (as reported in "Equal Cheers for Boys and Girls Draw Some Boos" in today's Gray Lady) could take a lesson from the Cattyshack crowd. For anyone who hasn't read it, the story talks about how many high-school cheerleading squads have been forced to cheer for the girl teams just as they do for the boy teams, thanks to at least one feminist mom invoking Title IX. "It feels funny when we do it," one upstate NY teen is quoted as admitting. The story then goes on for quite a while, never once acknowledging that big gay elephant in the room, which is of course that these insecure gals are afraid someone will think they're dykes! They chose cheering over b-ball for a reason, you know. Anyway, seems like their fears should be addressed by some LGBT-aware adult in the schools, if there is such a thing (female gym teacher, perhaps?). And shame on the Lady for not delving into the reality here, if only just a teensy bit.

Okay, on to major decisions of the evening, like whether to hunker down in front of the addictive L Word or hit Body & Soul, back for its first reunion is years.... I think I might have to do both.

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