Good-bye Anna, hello Judith



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Let's see... The Devil Wears Prada, the thinly disguised novel written by Anna Wintour's former minion Lauren Weisberger, scored big as a movie, hauling in the bucks and earning scene-stealer Meryl Streep a prime seat at this Sunday's Academy Awards.

So how long before Hollywood rolls out the cinematic version of the new novel, Because She Can? Written by Birdie Clark, who used to toil for famously ferocious book-world bigwig Judith Regan, the book follows the exploits of a young gal employed by a devil in Anne Klein or whatever designer label is in style at the publishing houses. Catherine Zeta-Jones would no doubt be perfect for the role.
We predict the book is signed for a movie within the next month (if it hasn't been already). The script is completed by August. Production begins in November. The movie hits screens in June 2008. Jones attends the AAs in February '09. Unfortunately she loses to Dakota Fanning for her sizzling performance in the remake of The Devil in Miss Jones.

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