Gossip Girl, Season 2: "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"



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Last night, Josh and I spent a very Gossip Girl-esque night at a bar, where we so missed the episode. Many hours (and Advil) later, I got a chance to catch up on it. While Josh sleeps his evening off, I have some thoughts.…

First off, when did Chuck turn into Robert Pattinson from Twilight? The floppy hair, the extreme paleness, the surly, brooding look of discontent that masks his pain…I know the guy is grieving, but come on.


It's uncanny!

On to the good stuff: as we and everyone else in the GG-centric blogosphere predicted, ol' Bart Bass did, indeed, die. In a car accident! On his way to confront Lily! Who was going to divorce him! Holy drama, Batman! Oh, and Lily and Rufus conceived a child together many moons ago. But maybe someone can enlighten me in re the Lily/Rufus baby drama: I'm unclear as to whether the love child was aborted or adopted, since it's never explicitly cleared up. I'm inclined to go with adoption, simply because I don't buy the CW allowing the abortion bomb to be dropped on a teen show, but who knows? Not me. I'm confused.

And now Chuck's an orphan. I really thought Ed Westwick did some good acting in this episode; for once, Chuck actually gets to have a reason for being such an unrepentant asshole, and he clearly relished the opportunity to bring more depth to the character.

Aaron Rose, please go away. Leave your TV dad behind, because he's probably the best thing on that show now; but your continued presence on the show makes me want to punch someone (you) in the face. And Serena? It's a funeral, honey. Put your boobs away. (Must they make an appearance on every episode?)

So I'm curious to see where this goes next. Chuck is fleeing, probably to wander around the world in a drunken stupor; Blair's romantic dreams were crushed, yet again; Dan loves Serena and she maybe sorta likes Aaron, who "thinks [he] might be falling for" her (HATE); Rufus hates Lily and now she's sad; and who knows what's going on with the other characters. So what does this mean? Will Dan and Serena get back together? Will Blair find herself another British fake boyfriend? Will we finally get to see Chuck Bass's monkey? (Nothing dirty, folks; his literary counterpart had a pet monkey, Sweetie.) And what about Dorota and her webisodes?!? The next new episode won't air until January, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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