Gossip Girl, season two: "New Haven Can Wait"



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gossip_girl_logoLast week's lack of a new episode made us sad. Luckily, last night's ep—full of scheming, hair-pulling and more sartorial excellence on the part of Chuck Bass—was over-the-top enough to keep us satisfied. And yet, for all of the usual silliness, our favorite Upper East Siders also took a turn for the gloomy, and finally realized that—gasp!—BFFs do grow apart. Oh, and they all visited some school in Connecticut, or something. Your resident GG nerds weigh in:

Amy: okay, who flashes their cleavage all over town when they're trying to impress a college dean?
Josh: you don’t wear a bra when you're visiting yale, amy.
A: i don't know, i didn't go to an ivy!
J: what was so disturbing about this episode was the way it turned even yale into another playground for catfights and exclusive parties.
A: ugh. if only we had a yalie on staff to weigh in. [Ed. note: We do; this is our way of drawing her out.]
J: honestly, this whole episode felt like the trashiest one to date, and for all the wrong reasons.
A: you think?
J: it turned dan's pursuit of scholastic achievement into a big joke, and yale into a big soiree. meanwhile jenny, age 15, leaves high school with her dad’s approval.
A: come on, rufus.
J: we even got to see her home-schooling application. can you download those from the CW site?
A: but don't you think it's like that for some people?
J: i guess. i suddenly feel so old.
A: i mean, i hate to use him as an example, but look at dubya.
J: true. this show was very bushy: yale from the back seat of a limo.
A: you should have asked oliver stone about this.

J: meanwhile, what is nate even doing there?
A: i loved him a little more when he berated dan about his “chip.”
J: he was speaking power to your truth.
A: amen.
J: this whole episode sowed promising seeds of discontent. right from the start with dorota saying to blair, "I'm so proud of you," and she completely ignores her.
A: you know, i really felt for blair this episode
J: i was just typing that.
A: because you forget just how much serena has fucked her over. i mean, she slept with her BF; her mother clearly prefers serena to her. why wouldn't she be upset?
J: blair is kind of a geek.
A: oh, absolutely.
J: the saddest line in the whole show was when she chirped, "That's latin for quiz." so desperate.
A: she just yearns for approval
J: "Darth Vader next to Sunshine Barbie."
A: she's the queen of the hurt pout, methinks. also, i loved the string quartet playing muse.
J: did you have a sunshine barbie?
A: my barbies suffered terrible fates. i hacked off all their hair and cut off their fingers. i have no idea what that says about me.
J: meanwhile, i want serena to be more spoiled and amoral. i don’t like that they gave this episode a "happy" ending. it avoided a certain truth there.
A: see, that's why i hate her. i really want her to get her comeuppance.
J: no. she’s the emblem of the show. a hint of conscience shining out of a slurry fog.
A: i think serena wants to be more substantial than she actually is
J: exactly. and that is why she is interesting to me, like a bret easton ellis character.
A: i just find her irritating. the last episode had a pretty good example: she says, "i'm sick of trying not to shine," but what are you shining from, S.?
J: several cocktails. this is why a character like serena has to be the center.
A: so what else? yes, a catfight.
J: it was really like catfight porn: fragmented hair-pulling and lots of shots of high heels. oddly underwhelming.
A: "eric has a new friend."
J: ha, i noticed that.
A: does this mean we'll see a boyfriend soon?
J: eric was always so dark and angry. the show could use him now. because it's turned a corner.
A: definitely, although now that he's, you know, himself, he might be happier.
J: tonight was about the girls coming up against the fact that they are growing apart.
A: or at least that’s what their storyline was about, for all the catfighting and purse-throwing.
J: a serious episode. almost like homework.
A: i know. we had to think. and analyze.
J: when i interviewed at yale, i locked my keys in my car. it really threw me off.
A: seriously? wow.
J: yes
A: that sucks. did you get in?
J: i did not.
A: sad! i didn't even get into NYU.
J: don't take it too hard. we turned out fine. we're blogging about gossip girl.

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