Hey Clare Lambe! You Gonna Eat That?



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Today we're interrupting the late lunch of associate features editor Clare Lambe, who sits near me, is British and keeps putting songs from Annie into my head. She's doing it on purpose. Need I say my repeated requests for her to stop, just stop, just stop this relentless lyrical onslaught have gone unanswered? Also, apparently her pen just died.

What's this we're having today?
It's an assorted salad from the delicatessen on the corner of 34th and Tenth.

Is there a piece of sushi in your salad?
I believe it is sushi, and I thought I had put soy sauce on it but now I'm not so sure.

What's that white stuff?
I think it's meant to be crab. It's not real crab. It's faux crab.

Are you enjoying it?
So far I am after discovering how well coriander and beet go together. Who knew? And I'm about to do a taste test on this because I'm not sure what it is. [Eats something pinkish] Still not sure what it is.

Interesting. I couldn't help but notice, and you were talking about it, that there's a certain smell emanating from your salad.
I would describe it as a farty odor. I think it may be from the turkey. It's leftovers which have been cunningly repurposed. Oh, [Finds a piece of broccoli] there's the culprit!

It's like you're getting a head start on Thanksgiving. As someone who hails from the UK, how do you feel about Thanksgiving?
Honestly, I don't have thoughts either way.

Oh. So "no comment"?
I appreciate your days off. Thank you for those.

On behalf of America, you're welcome. Out of six stars what would you give this salad?
I would give it two stars.

Got a craving for something that doesn't smell like farts? Eat Out suggests Chop't.

Also, today's "You Gonna Eat That?" goes out to reader Molly Aaker. May she never get any work done.

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