Hey, Dustin Goot: You gonna eat that?



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Would you believe he styled the fries in the mustard himself?

Today we're interrupting the late lunch of Web editor Dustin Goot, who lives in Astoria, graduated college superearly and was my editor when I invented the ingenious "interview with a lady nerd" column in a magazine that is now defunct. Also, he taught me the word concatenate, which, like calculus, has turned out to be pretty useless.

What's this you're enjoying here?

I'm enjoying a lunch from McDonald's down the street. I usually eat healthy at the deli but, there's only so many days you can go to the deli before you get sick of it.

Enough of this smokescreen. Today you're eating a Big Mac.

Okay, I'll cop to it. I get McDonald's cravings, I have McDonald's regularly.

How often?

A couple times a month. I usually justify it by saying things to myself like "I'll go to the gym later today," which I did tell myself before I walked into McDonald's.

Are you going to?

I don't know.

Is this a numbered meal?

It's the No. 1 meal. I'm faithful to the Big Mac. I think it's the Thousand Island dressing.

I'm noticing you don't have any ketchup.

Here's what I do. I'll also get some chicken nuggets so I can get the hot mustard sauce but then I use it for the fries.

What happens to the McNuggets?

Hopefully there's enough sauce to go around. I don't like squeezing out six ketchup packets. It's too much effort.

So you have the mustard because it's easier?

Yes. It's also tasty.

Out of six stars how many would you give this meal?

I would give it a four. It's reliably what it is.

The Eat Out department says if you like McDonald's, you'll love BRGR.

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