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mondoHard on the heels of the demise of Kim's Mediapolis near Columbia University, Mondo Kim's (a fixture of St. Marks Place since 1995) has announced that it, too, will soon be closing its doors. Although the date has yet to be finalized, a manager at the location confirmed that it would close "sometime after the holidays." Whether that means Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the New Year remains to be seen.

However, there is a silver lining: Kim's Video & Music is slated to open October 17, on First Avenue between 7th and 8th, with one catch. The new location has only one floor (as opposed to the behemoth three levels of Mondo) and will only sell DVDs and music; there's not a rental in sight in Kim's new world. But it is kicking off the whole shebang with a 30-percent-off sale at the new store; there's also a sale of up to 40 percent off DVDs, videos, books and assorted movie ephemera at the old locale. (As for the Christopher Street spot, it's a Kim's in name only—while it used to be part of the minichain, it's now operated independently.)

While Columbia University snagged Mediapolis's rental collection of DVDs and videos, the 55,000 titles of Mondo Kim's are up for grabs. A flyer at the store announced that the collection is being offered to "institutions, schools, business owners or individuals who can accommodate Kim's full line of film collection. The condition to accept this collection requires 3,000 sq. ft. of space, commitment to give access to Kim's members (charging minimum membership fee) and maintaining collection." The thousands of titles include a vast array of sexploitation and XXX videos and DVDs. Perhaps nearby NYU or another august institution will jump at the chance to own copies of Kidnapped Coed, Teen Zombies and the 1948 classic tale of artificial insemination, Test Tube Babies.

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