In flux? Blame Pluto.



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So everyone I've hung out with in the past couple of weeks says they're in a sort of transition—not of the gender sort, mind you, but in the more typical career, partner, leave--New York--or-stay, Kensington-verses-Inwood, bear-or-cub, meditate-or-get-high kind of way. I figured it must be something in the air. But my pal Jill Dearman, author of Queer Astrology for Men and Queer Astrology for Women, told me that it's actually something in the universe: Pluto, planet of self-transformation (yes, planet, she says, as "Pluto does not like semantic parsing"), is finishing up a 12-year cycle in the sign of Sagittarius. So what does that have to do with the price of a latte? "For all of us," she explains, "it's a time to finish work we started back in 1995 or thereabouts—to work on ourselves, [make] real significant changes that make our outer lives match up with the inner. Pluto can be brutal. It teaches us to let go of dead wood, or be dragged down by it." Wise words from a wise dyke.

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