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After learning that our pals over at Queerty earned an NC-17 from the blog rater on social-networking site Mingle2, I was curious to see how the TONY blog would fare.

As it turns out, we are the Disney of blogs, with a rather embarrassing G rating. Even after recent posts about the Dyke March and...hmm, actually I'm hard-pressed to find much in the way of salacious content. (Which is odd, because my colleagues are a bunch of salty-tongued whores.)

Mingle2 uses a basic algorithm to determine its ratings (based on the frequency certain words appear on a site), so I'm adding the following terms to help give TONY a more risqu online presence:

priapism, invert, frottage, necromancer, thrush, lesbian bed death, Dionysian, undercleavage, aretifism, houngan.

And for those who were wondering, here's how some other popular blogs rated. You may have to ask your mom's permission to read some of these:

Gawker: G

AmericaBlog: R

Gothamist: PG

The Huffington Post: PG

Perez Hilton: R

Rosie O'Donnell's blog : G

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