Last-minute plan: Free Ty Segall show in Williamsburg



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Ty Segall, center, plays a solo a skate ramp.

Ty Segall, center, plays a solo a skate ramp. Photograph: Denee Petracek

The folks at KCDC Skateshop are no strangers to throwing some pretty awesome free shows. (Remember that No Age gig a few months back?) Tonight they've really outdone themselves, hosting a solo set by San Francisco's insanely prolific garage-rock youngster Ty Segall on their indoor ramp. We still can't stop listing to last year's infectious LP Melted, and if this vid of Ty performing a new cut called "Goodbye Bread" in a bathroom at Cake Shop is any indication of where the dude is heading musically, we're very intrigued. Here's hoping he previews some tracks from his upcoming album (also titled Goodbye Bread, out June 21) this evening (6pm; free).

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